Face Detection Miscellaneous, e.g. Black Dahlia recognition

Some miscellaneous things left:

  • Interesting hints for the famous Black Dahlia case

The Black Dahlia Case about Elizabeth Short - Steve Hodel

Ever heard of the Black Dahlia case regarding the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short, in January 1947, south of Los Angeles? Face recognition technology added some more aspects. Thanks to Steve Hodel for this interesting research!


  • Design issues of the Face Detection Homepage

eye mosaic

The background eyes of this homepage are a mosaic of more than 500 face images taken from the AR Face Database. Zoom in if you can’t believe


  • Hidden faces in Art

picture from Chagall

Famous picture of Marc Chagall. Take your time and have a close look!


  • Finding faces is complicated!

9 hidden faces

9 different faces are hidden in the picture above. Can you find them?


  • Finding faces is complicated?

many hidden human faces

8 different faces are supposed to be hidden in the picture above. I am sure you find them!

Obviously some more faces can be found within the picture… if you are interested, click here to see the currently found faces. And if you find more, please submit the image with your outlined found faces to me.
The current top human face detector is:

Found faces: 11 Human detector: Sami

Found faces: 21 Human detector: Sonja

Found faces: 22 Human detector: Bing Liu