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Please help keeping this site up-to-date

I am a busy guy and cannot always spend too much time on my academic hobby nowadays. So to keep up with the latest developments, your help is very much appreciated!

If you know of a missing Software vendor, SDK, Web Service which is missing, please tell the details here. Then give me some time to verify the information. After that I will integrate it into the Face Detection Homepage.

Also, if you think there are new datasets available (especially for face detection, not recognition) let me know, and the whole scientific community will be thankful for new additions.

And well if you think there are new extremely outstanding publications in this field, add them here.

Please give details in the comment field below (including links please), so that they will be visible to all (after approval). I hope that so the information exchange between all researchers gets a new boost

Thank you!

(Oh if you want to send me a private message, please use the contact information on the Imprint site)

    22 thoughts on “Face Detection Homepage – Contact me here

      1. Webmaster Post author

        Thanks for this information! The link has been added in the Software section of this page.

      1. Webmaster Post author

        Thank you very much for your contribution! It has been added to the Software section of that site.

    1. Jayjay Tugade

      Just want to say thank you for making it easier for me to look for APIs and SDK for my FR project. Such a big help.

      1. Webmaster Post author

        Thank you very much! This motivates me even more to provide the latest up-to-date information about face recognition developments here!

    2. David

      Hi can anyone help?
      I’m developing a new dating membership website, and require some special facial recognition software.
      Can you please tell me if there is currently a software available, that would meet the following specification I require or can be programmed to do so?
      1. Record a persons facial features including eyes, eyebrows, chin tip, nose tip, lip corners etc, from a standard image photograph.  

      2. Then search an internal database where the facial recognition information has been processed and stored, and select people of the opposite sex with similar facial features this would be a must for the application to meet the criteria I require.

      1. Kushal

        Yeah you can go ahead with Opencv.. haarfeature classifier..

    3. Paul

      There is a new Android Mobile Vision API for face detection, released in mid-2015. This differs from the Google Vision API in that it runs on-device (i.e., no need to communicate with a cloud server). The API supports detecting frontal faces, faces in different poses (e.g., profiles), facial landmarks, etc. and can track faces in video. For more information, see here:


      1. Webmaster Post author

        Thanks a lot for this information! I updated the Software section to inform everybody about this!

    4. Olusesan

      Does anyone know of good finger print, facial camera and software that can create the database. I need to create biometric database of all our staff.

    5. sudheer

      Hi Team,
      I am a .net developer, for one of our website we are implementing photo recognition functionality. I will send 2 different photos through your webservice/Api, i need a result the both photos having same face or/not. If it is possible please provide for me the webservice/Api for demo and send me the details how we have to develop it. Please send me the details, Thanks in advance.

      Note : The 2 photos are different backgrounds, different lighting conditions, different angles, different posings etc.

    6. David

      Does anyone know of good software to use that can detect how far away a person’s eyes are from the camera? I also need a small HD camera that responds quickly to movement. I need to be able to track a persons eyes.

    7. Rick

      is it possible to put someone’s facial picture on the internet and have a software scan the entire internet in order to discover the world about other person and the present social media networks

      1. Dr. Robert Post author

        Well if there would be a publicly accessible database of all pictures of all human beings, then a face recognition software would be able to find that person. But there is no such accessible database (maybe Governments have that, but they surely won’t release it to the public), so the only giant who is close to having that is probably Google.
        Google did not really integrate their face recognition into the search engine yet, but their image search is also very useful for that! Go to Google -> Image Search – and then in the input field for your query, click on the photograph icon at the right. You can then upload a photo. And if Google finds someone who is looking very close to that photo, it will show the results.
        Again, since they are not using real facial recognition there, they won’t find a person with a very dissimilar photo. But Google is very good in finding that photo, if it is at least a subimage of another one in this world. Maybe this helps.

        Update: I have added a new section with different solutions for this problem at People Search!

    8. Stefan


      Is it possible to create some sort of “shoe-detection” for PHP?
      which finds a shoe in an image and puts a marker on it?


      1. Dr. Robert Post author

        Well, with image classification using deep learning you can basically detect any object – as long as you have the time and computing power and datasets to train such a system. Just search for the highlighted terms, and good luck!

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