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Some institutions allow their work to be tested by submitting an image to their online face detector demos:

  • Google Portrait from IDIAP (contact person: Sebastien Marcel). Google Portrait finds portraits (face images) of a person (query) such as celebrities. Google Portrait sends the query to Google Image and filters the result (original images) by detecting faces in real-time.
  • Real-time Face Detector 2.0 from Alexander Telnykh. Detection of faces in frontal angle on digital photos and in videostreams, detection of faces in a tilt perspective. Allows front objects between 15 from horizontal, detection of faces in profile perspective, demo of Eyes Localization, demo of Face Tracking, demo of skin-color filtering.
  • On-line face detection from Marcel and Rodriguez from IDIAP. Allows selection of different algorihms like MLP and Haar classifiers.


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