Face Finder Online Demos

Some institutions allow their work to be tested by submitting an image to their face detector / face finder online demos:

  • How old do I look? from Microsoft. New free online face finder online with age estimation

    You can upload a photo with any amount of faces on it, and the site will answer with all found faces marked, together with an age estimation of each person.
    Don’t be too shocked if your estimated age is far off reality (+- 15 years accuracy is my rough guess), but the face detector seems to be highly accurate. Microsoft uses its Project Oxford web service for doing that, so you might want to check that out.

  • Real-time Face Detector 2.0 from Alexander Telnykh. Detection of faces in frontal angle on digital photos and in videostreams, detection of faces in a tilt perspective. Allows front objects between ±15° from horizontal, detection of faces in profile perspective, demo of Eyes Localization, demo of Face Tracking, demo of skin-color filtering.
  • On-line face detection from Marcel and Rodriguez from IDIAP. Allows selection of different algorihms like MLP and Haar classifiers.

Face Finder Comments

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